6 Things Candidates Look for in a Job Description

Job descriptions in the form of an online advertisement are still a big attractor to top candidates. It’s what can catch their eye on a massive job board and entice a candidate to research your company and take the next step by applying. But what actually attracts candidates where there are dozens of competing ads and job descriptions out there? What do candidates look for in a job description? We have six things you must include in your next hiring ad to reach more candidates.

Include These Six Things in Your Next Hiring Ad

Despite what you may hope, most candidates are not pouring over every word in your ad. They, like all of us, are probably scanning the ad, skipping some sections, and maybe looking very closely at one or two parts. What really makes a candidate stand up and take notice?

1. Day-to-Day Details

Day-to-day details of the job will catch the attention of the candidate that is truly considering making a change. Candidates express curiosity about potential jobs; they truly want to know what they would do each day. Phrases such as “cross-functional role” tell them they will work with other departments to get their job done. They may be curious as to whether the job is remote or located in an office. Who will they report to and who will report to them?

2. Compensation

Our advice is to list the compensation in the ad. If you don’t, you’ll run the risk of the candidate simply discarding the job description. The Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) says that listing the salary is actually the most important bit of information you should list in a job ad. Candidates usually cannot retreat from their current salary, so listing the compensation directly in the ad ensures that you won’t waste the candidate’s time—or yours.

3. Clearly Define the Necessary Qualifications

Qualifications required for the role should be listed. We often recommend to candidates that they even pull keywords from the qualifications section and use them to tailor their resume and cover letter for the ad. Details like the number of years of experience and credentials needed are critically important for the candidate to assess whether they are a fit for the position.

4. Company Culture

Company culture has grown more important over the years. The studies show that millennials care about culture. Deloitte says millennials, “have been disillusioned by the fact that their companies are seemingly devoid or disconnected from the ideals of purpose-driven work.” That’s why employers are talking more about what their corporate culture is like in their job ads. You simply won’t be as attractive to the young talent in the marketplace without it.

5. Minimal Company Details

Company details are important but not critical. Too many details and the candidate will skip over that section, according to LinkedIn. However, longevity in the market says something about job security, so if your company has been around 20-years you might want to mention that. At the very least, add a link to your careers page, where hopefully, the candidate will find your core values and mission.

6. Specific Goals for the Position

Any goals or metrics set for the position are important. Go beyond education or skills in the ad and consider listing the metrics. “Lead a team of 10 direct reports to meet performance goals,” is good. Or, “Develop and deploy new strategies to achieve increased sales,” could also work.

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