How to Find a Job You Love in the New Year

Dream jobs exist. But if you haven’t found yours yet, you may worry that you never will. At ADD STAFF, our goal is to help you get there. We have some tips that will help you on your journey.   

If You Have Skills, You Don’t Have to Settle  

If you have certain skills, you should have your choice of jobs. For example, the latest data shows three in four technology companies face difficulty finding qualified candidates. Further, four in five companies say they will need more workers with technical skills in the coming years. In the healthcare field, 1.9 million jobs are expected to be added between now and 2028. In addition to IT and healthcare, here are some of the industries still seeking more skilled workers 

  • Transportation and logistics  
  • Manufacturing  
  • Construction  

From call centers to plumbers, accounting to engineering, if you have skills in these areas, you can be pickier about the type of job you land. But it takes time and effort for you to find the job you love. How can you find your dream job without a lot of research, or, worse, trial and error?   

The Best Way to Find Your Dream Job  

The number one way to find your dream job without wasting time and effort on a fruitless search is to partner with a recruiter. Hands down, a recruiter is the best, most cost-effective way to connect with employers. Whether you are currently employed and beginning a search for something approaching your dream job or are looking for work, a recruiter is your conduit to top jobs. Since the employer pays the recruiters fees, these professionals can pitch your candidacy to employers, give you resume advice, and become your hiring representative for the right job to match your career goals. Most recruiters spend years networking in specific industries, which will give you not only the inside hiring track but also an insight into the company culture that you normally wouldn’t find until you walked into the job.   

The relationship you develop with your recruiter should start now and not wait until you’re actively looking for work. It will take time for you to find the right recruiter to fit your field. If you’re looking for work, you’ll be in a hurry to land something, which means you won’t be as picky when taking the job. Remember we told you, if you have skills, you don’t have to settle? It’s true, and it’s why you should start your job search well before you have to due to a layoff or job restructure. Making the connection now with a recruiter means that you will be able to carefully consider opportunities as they arise in a proactive way. Instead of reacting to a job loss, your recruiter will proactively begin the process of finding you the right fit. This will get you one step closer to that dream job that you know is out there somewhere—but just haven’t found.  

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