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How to Help Your Team Meet Their Goals This Year 

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Goals are important to individuals, their team, and the organization they work for. One of the jobs of management is to help employees set these goals and then create an environment conducive to reaching them. How can employers and management teams help their team members achieve their goals in the New Year?  

Employee Engagement in Meeting Goals  

If you don’t know what the goals are for the individuals on your team, that is problem number one. You can’t help teams meet their goals without first knowing what they are. Start by having some conversations that lead to finding out individual goals. For example:  

  • Take the time to get to know your employees and what is important to them. That will develop trust and rapport.  
  • Let them know you are there to help them succeed. Share that you care about their career success and that you want them to be happy.  
  • Share the goals you have for the business, or, if you’re a manager, what initiatives are coming up that you want them to be a part of. What are your goals?   

Sharing information about team or company goals can occur within a smaller group. But the next step is to open a dialogue and planning around the goals of the employee. You can do this in a one-on-one setting, and it should be a regular part of what keeps your team moving forward. Your goal is to figure out where do they see themselves in a few years? What is interesting to them? What do they want to learn? Here are some questions to get the dialogue started:  

  • Have you thought about your long-term goals? What are they?  
  • What do you want to be doing in three years? Are you making progress on your own personal career goals? Is there anything holding you back?  
  • Is your career advancing at the pace you’d like it to? How can I help?  
  • What are your big life dreams? Do you feel like you’re making progress toward them?  
  • What part of your work here seems to fit best in these goals?   

It should be noted that just talking about employee goals is only the first step. Once the goals are defined, they also must turn into an achievable action item if you want it to motivate your employees. Setting goals as part of an annual review without measuring progress toward those goals defeats the entire idea of goal setting as a motivational tool for your employees.  

How can you do this? By breaking down each big goal into smaller increments and then changing your employee evaluation process into a collaborative process where the employee and manager work together to help meet these goals. For example, if the employee’s goal is that they want a promotion to a higher-level job, the manager should talk with the employee about the skills they will need to get there. Then they should roadmap that path to success and set ongoing discussions of how to get there.    

There are two points to consider in this approach: One is that goals are achievable when they’re broken into increments. Two, the manager also has a responsibility for helping the employee reach their goals.  

We Can Help Your Team Reach Their Goals  

ADD STAFF works with companies to help them find the best talent to reach their hiring goals. Find out how we can help your team in 2021 by calling us today.



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