Leveraging Part-Time Work During the Pandemic 

It’s hard to juggle the demands of work, family, and home when you’re a remote worker. Many schools are still focused on remote learning and many companies still have their entire workforce at home. If you’re struggling to juggle it all, switching to a part-time job during the COVID-19 pandemic may be exactly what you need.  

Why Part-Time Work is Increasing 

From an employer perspective, comparing the beginning of 2020 to the end is an astonishing exercise in how quickly the world can change. More workers are at home, still working remotely, and more businesses have branched out new service offerings to help them stay profitable.   

From an employee perspective, it’s been a challenging time juggling the adjustments necessary to handle home, children, and work. Many states are still issuing stay at home orders, and the cold and flu season is upon us. For most employees, having the flexibility of a part-time work schedule is the only way they can juggle all the demands placed upon them. If you’re unemployed, or if you’re struggling with a full-time job and full-time childcare, consider the benefits of part-time employment. 

Part-time work helps working parents cope with COVID-19 scheduling issues. Having flexibility isn’t always possible with a full-time role, so a part-time job can help you if your children are at home. Part-time jobs can stagger your shifts in a way that accommodates your partner’s schedule, too, or, if you’re a single parent, can help you be there when classes are over for your children.  

The studies show us that work/life balance is increasingly important to employees; 80% say they’d be more loyal to employers if they took this into account. Employers are paying attention to these concerns, and many are increasing their remote and flex-time options to help their employees. Still, others have increased their part-time options for workers to give them the flexibility they need to stay more balanced in their lives.   

Working part-time gives family-oriented individuals the time they need to take care of what’s important to them while still bringing in income. Part-time employment increases your free time, allowing you to pursue extracurricular activities, as well. These roles also offer additional skills to add to your resume that could benefit your career later on. Even if you don’t have a family to consider, working part-time could also allow you to pursue educational opportunities or even an artistic side hustle like writing a novel.   

The job market is challenging right now and a part-time job may be the only one that’s available to you. Since it’s always easier to find a job when you’re working in one, it’s a good idea to take a part-time role to keep you networked in the community and to help you avoid resume gaps that could make employers nervous.  

There are also options to work two or more part-time jobs to maximize your income. If you balance a 30-hour a week job that has benefits, then supplement your income with 10 or 20 additional hours a week, especially during the holiday season, this could get you further ahead financially than working one full-time job! Given that many salaried 40-hours a week jobs end up at 50 hours or more, you may actually end up working less and making more.  

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