6 Impactful & Cost-Effective Ways to Thank Your Staff During the Holiday Season

Hasn’t this been quite the year? Perhaps like never before, the holidays will likely be even more meaningful as we celebrate with our families (even if it’s on video conference) and express gratitude for our employees. If your workers are remote or on-site, what are some of the best and most cost-effective ways to express your appreciation as 2020 makes way (finally!) for 2021? 

Idea 1: Plan an Event

Celebrating the holidays with an event is a good way to boost employee morale. Taking the time to tell your employees how much you appreciate them at the end of every year is always a good idea. But it’s particularly important this year, during such a tumultuous time. Given that COVID is still raging, you can plan an event by video conference, or have one in an appropriate social distanced setting. Either way, creating a “shindig” will help boost worker morale. 

Idea 2: Cater a Lunch

Catering a lunch can happen whether your workers are at home or in one of your facilities. Catering can be cost-effective, too, and depending on your budget, breaking bread together is a time-honored tradition, especially at Thanksgiving. Too, many employees don’t celebrate traditional Christmas or Thanksgiving, so catering a meal is an inclusive way to show employees that you care. 

Idea 3: Write Notes 

Talk with your managers about writing individualized notes to their teams. While that might not be possible if you have 500 employees, if your teams are small and your managers are game, suggest that they write individual notes to each of their team members to let them know how much they appreciate them. The company can send out cards, as well, and you could even enclose an Amazon or other gift card, something many families would appreciate during these troubling times. 

Idea 4: Give a Financial Boost 

A lot of people are struggling right now. Your company may be as well, but if there is a way for you to give your workers even a small financial spiff, there is no doubt your effort would be recognized as a big benefit for your company. Everyone spends a little (or a lot) more during the holidays, so any extra cash infusion could help your workforce and show them that you appreciate their hard work. 

Idea 5: Increase Your Recognition Programs 

December is a good month to give thanks. What if your HR team spotlighted your best teams or employees once a day during the month of December? You could repost these recognitions on social media, too, to build brand awareness and possibly bring on new hires. 

Idea 6: Be Flexible 

The holiday season is always stressful, even with COVID-19 on the nightly news. Increasing your flexibility and understanding when employees are running behind to a meeting or they need to take additional time off can help build goodwill in your company. You could offer employees one extra afternoon off (rotating and subject to manager approval) off in December with pay to go shopping. Or some other kind of flexibility in scheduling that will help your employees deal with the extra stress of the holidays. 

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