Cybersecurity Tips that All Employees Need to Know

October is cybersecurity awareness month. But if your employees know about the tips found in this article, you shouldn’t have to worry about cybersecurity 365-days a year. Here are some important cybersecurity tips that managers need to make sure their employees are aware of and follow to protect their data. 

Best Cybersecurity Tips 

Every company and individual are at risk of a cybersecurity incident. In 2018 there were an estimated 80,000 digital attacks every single day. Companies of all sizes and from all industries are targets; hackers care about your data, not what market you’re in. To keep your company safe, consider teaching your employees the following tips: 

Protect Private Information

Most of us know to protect our Social Security or credit card numbers. But you should also be at great pains to protect sensitive data at work. Online surfing can be dangerous; there are many fraudulent websites out there. Pay attention to what is behind you as you do video conferences to avoid inadvertently leaking something found on a whiteboard in your office. Don’t share corporate data with anyone outside the organization. Zealously guard a work laptop if you bring it home. Use caution when using your personal cell phone to dial into corporate servers. 

Always Avoid Unknown Links

While many workers may roll their eyes at how obvious this is, today’s phishing email campaigns are highly sophisticated. Watch out for pop-up windows and always check who the email is from before clicking on any links. Certainly, never share personal or corporate information when responding to a correspondence you didn’t initiate. One wrong move could put your company data at risk! 

Always Use Strong Passwords – and Change Them Frequently

If you’re using one familiar password across multiple devices, it’s time to change them. All it takes is one bad actor to guess the right password (and this is done through computer automation these days), and they could have access to everything from your bank account to your work login for payroll—or just about anything else. Strong passwords should contain 8 to 10 characters, with capital and lowercase letters and numbers and symbols. If you need to, use a password management system to keep track of everything.  

At Home, Make Sure Your Wi-Fi Network is Secure

You can work with your cable provider to make sure your network is password protected and encrypted. Also, it’s a good idea to avoid public Wi-Fi, if you can. Enable a firewall to help protect your network. These tools are easy to install and add a layer of protection that is, today, a necessity. 

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