4 Reasons to Offer Regular Cybersecurity Training to Your Employees

Creating a culture of cybersecurity is the new requirement for every company. Given that the average cost of even one cybersecurity incident is more than a million dollars, companies that fail to train workers on the basic rules around IT security are taking a great risk. That’s because it’s your employees that pose the biggest risk of cybersecurity breach for your company. These days, even answering a seemingly legitimate email from your bank or other trusted vendor, could open your entire network to malware. Here are four reasons you should offer regular cybersecurity training to your employees to mitigate your risk of data disaster. 

Reason #1: What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

When it comes to cybersecurity, if your employees can’t recognize the threat, they put you at risk. Every IT staffer understands the risk, but do your employees understand how realistic the latest phishing scam can look? Do they understand that keeping the same password across all of their devices is convenient—and risky? Some of the latest data out there shows that IT teams understand that employee training is one of the most important initiatives they can take on. More than 30% of workers don’t even understand what malware or phishing is, which of course means they can’t protect their companies from harm. 

Reason #2: Password Security

One of the most common mistakes that lead to identity theft is the use of one common password across all digital devices. We know it’s hard to remember multiple passwords between work, home, and all the tools we use at each place. But hackers use powerful automation tools that can figure out our generic passwords. Cybersecurity training can help employees understand why IT is always harping on two-factor authentication or even just regularly changing your passwords. 

Reason #3 Downloads and Social Media 

The browsing habits of your workers are putting your company at risk. More employees than ever are using their cell phones to dial in from home. If they download a malicious app online, it could infect your entire network. The same problem can happen if a worker uses their work laptop to surf social media. Cybersecurity training is essential to make employees aware of the dangers. 

Reason #4 How to Spot a Scam and Report a Mistake 

Your employees are like cyber infiltrators and can help you spot attack attempts. Their devices can hold clues about the latest scams and potential infiltrations. But to leverage these benefits, you will need to train your workers to know what to look out for and how to report it appropriately to your team. 

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