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8 Reasons to Consider Flexible Staffing for Your Employees

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Flexibility is the name of the game for businesses during this time of crisis. We’ve seen businesses fail and succeed based on their ability to make innovative changes to how the daily workflows. Companies developed an e-commerce presence, while other businesses ramped up touchless delivery. Some companies are ramping up remote workers for the fall, while others search for ways to expand their existing full-time teams without adding a lot of risks.

To stay in business right now, you need agility, and this includes flexibility in your workforce and hiring practices. Here’s how flexible staffing options make sense during COVID-19.

8 Pros to Flex Staffing

Adapting to market challenges requires new strategies for companies to stay competitive. Staffing is one area where companies can increase their competitiveness by adding and subtracting workers as needed. Traditionally, adding staff meant taking on the burden of a recurring overhead cost along with insurance and benefits. Today’s workers are more flexible, and companies have other options beyond hiring full time.

Last year agencies like ADD STAFF supplied companies with 3.2 million temporary workers. That number is expected to increase this year.

There are some business benefits to bringing on temporary workers, especially when the economy is struggling. They include:

    1. The markets are fluctuating, and so will your staff. Instead of forcing your workers through a demoralizing down-size, flex staffing allows you to scale up or down depending on the market needs.
    2. Working with a staffing agency for flexible staffing options allows your HR team to focus on something other than hiring and firing.
    3. You end up saving money. Using a contingent workforce takes the fixed personnel costs you normally labor under and turn it into a variable cost that can be controlled.
    4. Your business will become more competitive. Instead of being weighed down by too many in-house experts, you can bring in talent temporarily as you need it.
    5. Flex staffing can help with full-time employee retention by lightening the load of your most essential workers.
    6. It can also help you avoid hiring the wrong people for your team. Temp-to-hire positions let both the employer and employee try out a position to be sure it’s right for both parties.
    7. It’s more efficient. Adding a flexible worker frees up the time of your full-time team, and can streamline business workflows.
    8. You can add workers with important specializations in your field without tacking on the recurring overhead costs of hiring a full-time employee.

We are living in extraordinary times that require increasing agility to keep businesses running smoothly. If you’ve never considered adding flexible workers to your existing business, perhaps you should. There are extensive benefits, and right now, there are thousands of people looking to provide their expertise to your business.

Call Our Team for All Your Hiring Needs

ADD STAFF partners with companies like yours to help them with their hiring needs. Our team can advise you on finding the right mix of workers with a creative and efficient mix of full-time, temporary, or part-time help. We have potential employees standing by for you to interview; you just have to make the call.


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