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From Passive Observer to Culture Shaper: Your Influence at Work

From Passive Observer to Culture Shaper: Your Influence at Work - ADDSTAFF

Workplace culture plays a crucial role in defining the character and identity of an organization. Many employees view workplace culture as something they have no control over, merely something they observe or experience. However, every individual in an organization, from the entry-level employee to the CEO, has the potential to influence and shape the culture […]

Here’s What You Can Do to Keep Employees Engaged

Employee engagement is a consistent problem in the U.S. Last year a Gallup poll showed employee engagement declined to 32%. That means only about a third of the U.S. workforce are engaged in their jobs. According to Gallup, employers lose around 18% of an employee’s annual salary if they disengage from their job. What can […]

How to Keep Your Workers Focused & On Track During the Summer

Summertime is generally considered a fun time. Employees take vacations, kids are out of school, and most of us have shorter attention spans as the outdoors, the pool, and other activities distract us. Whether you are working in an office or at home, it’s hard to focus on work when the sun is shining. How […]

10 Ways to Keep Your Remote Employees Motivated

Motivating remote employees presents some unique challenges. It takes more effort to get to know your employees as people if you don’t see them in the office every day. Business News Daily says that the American workforce is dealing with an unprecedented level of anxiety during the COVID-19 crisis. How can your company motivate and […]